Sale: Glass Doors typically $2,799 to $2,999 Installed

Is there a difference between the garage door openers you sell vs. the ones I could buy from Home Depot or Lowes?

The openers we sell are Liftmaster professional brand openers that are constructed with solid beam rail rather than a three-piece, butted together rail unit made for retail stores. The three-piece rail flexes and has a tendency to make a lot of noise and have many problems in the future. If you have a problem with an opener you buy at a retail outlet you will have to take it down and return it for the warranty. You will typically save $80 purchasing from a retail store, but it is not worth the headache and aggravation we have heard from our customers. We can furnish and install a professional grade opener for as low as $389 in about one hour and it will be warranteed for one year.