Sale: Glass Doors typically $3,699 to $4,099 Installed

Elegant Garage Doors

Elegant Garage Door offers full- and semi-custom wood garage doors, full view aluminum doors, full view frameless door, gates, and many more. Their quality craftsmanship guarantees that your garage doors will last for many years to come.

Full Custom Wood Garage Doors

Elegant Garage Door provides full-custom wood doors are specifically designed and handcrafted to create an authentic feel that will go well with all styles of architecture.

Semi-Custom Wood Garage Doors

The Semi-Custom Garage Doors give you the opportunity to choose from 10 standard designs and make small modifications to suit your needs.

Full View Aluminum Doors

Full View Aluminum Doors are stylish, modern, and are perfect for all types of homes. The large visible glass of these garage doors give your home an added curb appeal and allow more light to your garage.

Full View Frameless Doors

Elegant Garage Door is the market leader in supplying these ultra modern, frameless garage doors. You, too, can have these full-view frameless looking glass and aluminum doors that are revolutionizing the LA custom garage door industry. These frameless doors gives your home a sleek and stylish look.