Sale: Glass Doors typically $3,699 to $4,099 Installed

Carriage House Doors

Carriage House Door offers stylish handcrafted garage doors, gates, and shutters. From their Wood Collection, Steel Collection and ever growing Contemporary Collection, you have a range of garage door styles to choose from to suit your home.

Wood Garage Doors Collection

When you are selecting from the Wood Collection, you’ll know that your garage door will be unique and special. You can select from different wood types, finishes and make customizations that give your garage doors distinctive qualities only you can have.

Steel Garage Door Collection

The Steel Collection offers you robust steel garage doors that are sculpted with attention to detail and constructed with quality in mind. These doors are a great choice for those who value the rugged strength that they provide.

Contemporary Garage Door Collection

Carriage House Door’s Contemporary Collection is handcrafted with utmost care according to the specifications provided by the architect, builder or homeowner. The garage doors are made with the finest materials and embrace the warmth of wood and cool tones of steel.