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Sectional Door Repair

We can repair most types of residential garage doors. In a normal work week, we get calls to repair everything from metal sectionals to one-piece wood doors to all glass doors. If its on a garage and it goes up and down, we can probably fix it!

Some of the most common repairs on sectional garage doors are:

  • Repairing/replacing broken torsion springs
  • Replacing the lift cables or putting them back on the drums
  • Putting the door back in the tracks
  • Garage door hinge replacements
  • Roller replacements
  • Replacing or reinforcing damaged panels/sections
  • Bottom weather-seal replacement
  • Perimeter weather-seal installation/replacement
  • Quiet squeaky doors
  • Balance out heavy doors
  • Replace bearings in torsion system

We recommend servicing a sectional door every 1-2 years if its used very frequently (more than 10 times a day). if the garage door is used moderately (5-9 times a day) then we recommend service every 2-3 years. if the door is rarely used, then service every 4-5 years should suffice. just like your vehicle needs a tune up every so often, so does your garage door!

Our Process

When we service or tuneup a sectional door, we do the following:

  • Perform a 20 point safety inspection
  • Adjust/balance springs
  • Tighten all nuts/bolts/screws
  • Lubricate all moving garage door parts
  • Make sure the garage door opener is adjusted correctly
  • Lubricate the garage door opener

After all repairs are performed to the customers satisfaction, we back it up with a 90 day labor warranty.