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One Piece Door Repair

One-piece or tilt-up doors have fewer parts, but are more difficult to repair. Everything has to be precise so that the door doesn’t catch on the jambs as it goes up and down. also, one-piece doors can be very unsafe if they are not balanced or have worn out parts. Some of the most common repairs on one piece doors are:

  • Adjust / replace hinges (hardware)
  • Replace extension springs
  • Balance out heavy door
  • Adjust door in opening so it doesn’t rub on jambs or catch on the floor
  • Tighten truss rods
  • Add or replace bottom weather-seal
  • Replace rotten wood pieces
  • Lubricate pivot points

Due to the weight and nature of one-piece garage doors, it is critical that they are adjusted properly to allow the garage door opener to effectively do its job. If a one-piece door does not work properly, the garage door opener will have a very difficult time raising and lowering the door and greatly reducing the life of the opener.

Just as with our sectional door repairs, a full 90 day labor warranty is given on one-piece door repairs. See pricing page for one-piece garage door parts and repair costs.