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Garage Door Opener Repair

Do you need reliable or emergency Garage Door Opener Repair in Orange County? Contact CityScape Garage Doors for assistance. Call 949.400.9509

We repair most brands of electric garage door operators. The most common brands are: Liftmaster, Genie, Marantec and Skylink. We are equipped with the most common parts and can usually fix the operator with the parts we stock on our trucks. The two most popular garage door openers are Liftmaster and Genie. Between the two, they probably comprise 80% of all residential motors installed.

Common Liftmaster repairs

  • adjust limit switches(door won’t stay closed or opens too high and gets jammed)
  • replace worn out gear and sprocket(chain drive)
  • replace stripped out “rack”(screw drive)
  • lubricate rail or screw that has NEVER been greased
  • adjust or replace safety sensors (safety beams must be lined up, or door will NOT CLOSE)
  • repair/adjust door to make it easier on the operator
  • replace burned out circuit boards
  • code new remotes or program the car to the operator
  • tighten chain or belt
  • basic maintenance / adjustments

Common Genie repairs

  • replace or adjust limit switches (screw or chain)
  • replace carriage (screw)
  • replace coupler (screw)
  • lubricate screw drive (LOW-TEMP grease only)
  • adjust or replace safety sensors
  • repair/adjust door to make it easier on the operator
  • replace burned out circuit boards
  • basic maintenance / adjustments

Although garage door operators do break or have parts wear out, the most common problem we come across is a “bad installation.” At least 50% of all repairs are related to the original installation. It is not uncommon for us to get to a repair and just “redo” the entire installation. Installer error accounts for many of the repairs we are called out to.

We offer the full spectrum of repairs on all the common garage door operators. If your existing operator is under 12 years old, we can usually complete the repair in a fairly cost-effective manner. If it’s an older unit, sometimes it’s better purchase new one(CityScape has a full 1 year warranty on labor for a new install and also you get the manufacturer’s parts warranty as well). Often times, when a repair is needed, it can just be the door is out of adjustment and it’s become too difficult for the unit to lift. Remember the garage door and operator are a system….they both have to be installed correctly to function well and problem free!

Whatever the problem may be, please give us a call and we can go over it on the phone, or set up a time for us a time to come out and service it!

Before calling, we recommend checking these four common problems with garage door operators that can be fixed by you, the homeowner. It may save you much time and money.


  1. Vacation lock on the wall console is set to ON, causing remotes to be inactive. This can be fixed by simply turning off vacation lock.
  2. Dead batteries in the remote or keypad. Check or replace batteries.
  3. No power going to the garage door opener. Check for electricity at outlet & check for a tripped circuit breaker.
  4. Safety sensors are out of alignment, causing the door not to close. Realign safety sensors per instructions found in owner’s manual.